12th September 2017

Updated the Erangel map to use the latest texture from the game including the new town of Kameshki.

12th September 2017

Created a project on Crowdin to help us provide multiple languages to our community. We've added a new language selector to use once community help has been sought to translate our text.

12th September 2017

New Desert map discovered in the game files so we broke it down into a bunch of tiles and loaded onto our site, its now available in the map selection page.

31st August 2017

Added a round counter to our Flight path mode with some buttons to adjust the time offset to match it accurately with your game.

31st July 2017

Flight path mode now available on the map, use the new icon on the tool bar to plot the path of the plane and highlight chute routes.

26th July 2017

Redesigned the side menu to make it more friendly, added some additional tabs for new features coming soon :)

26th July 2017

Added loot spawns to the map, not the way we wanted to but felt we were missing out by not having it, will revise later.

23rd July 2017

Added the long overdue Measure Mode feature to our map, simply active the option using the new icon on the side bar.

25th May 2017

Label up your squad maps with our new "Text Only" Markers, fully customisable. Perfect for teaching new squad members your squad callouts.

6th May 2017

  • [Map] - Added location names as a new toggle-able map layer.

6th May 2017

  • [Map] - Re-added Boat spawns to the map

2nd May 2017

  • [Map] - Implemented the dynamic map grid system
  • [Map] - Added unique id's to every cell in the map for reference
  • [Map] - Added new grid to the dropdown of map filters
  • [Map] - Added 100% vehicle spawns to the map with red icons
  • [Map] - Added 29 additional vehicle spawns
  • [Website] - Removed login requirement to use the map

2nd April 2017

  • [Map] - Released version one of our map render, 7 zoom levels equivleent to a 32768px x 32768px image
  • [Website] - Steam login authentication
  • [Website] - Added sqaud LFG section /squads
  • [Website] - Added squad search functionlaity /squadsearch